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Child And Old Age Care

Child & Old Age Care is a Non-Profit Organization that was established by Milton Samadder and his wife Mithu Halder on December 2015. They both are nurse by profession and they have one young son. The initial steps they took when they were running their own Home Care Nurshing Service business (Milton Home Care Pvt. Ltd.) for Bangladeshi people. During their services to the upscale Bangladeshi elderly and sick people they realized, these people has money but what missing were family support and some time Love. Meanwhile they see elderly people are sleeping on the street (homeless) who are sick, no food, no money and no family....

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Clean and Sufficient Rooms

At old age care we have 4 floors with 32 rooms. All the rooms are quite big and sufficient to acomodate about 90+ old aged persons and 15+ child. Each room has at least 5 beds, All rooms are well lighted and clean 3 times in a day with floor cleaner.

Healthy Meal

At old age care we server healty and fresh meal, 3 times a day. At breakfast, we serve hand made 'ruti', with "halua". Then a tea season is served. At launch, rice, vegitable and fish curry are served. Afternoon snack is usually tea and biscuit. At dinner, same as launch.

Quality Medical Support

We have 33 stuffs to look after the people we care. All are medically qulified and experience to do such job perfectly. We have experiend medical officers visit frequently and check patient health. We have ability to ensure emergency treatment for all emergency patient

24X7 Support

All stuff works continously, 24 hours a day. Are are open 24X7

Call Anytime
+88 02 58050680
+88 01620 555222
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we have 4 floors in 2 buildings, with 32 rooms rented. All rooms are at ground floor.



We have 32 rooms in two buildings, fully equiped with beds and medical supports



We have 45 fathers till today



We have 45 mothers till today



We have 15 children till today



we have 02 qualified doctors



we have 03 qualified nurses



28 stuffs who are medically qualified are on duty 24 hours a day.

Your Burden, Our Responsibility

Let me start sharing my name with you. My name is Milton Samadder. I am a serinor stuff nurse. I have passed from Chandroghona Christan Hospital, Rangamati District as diploma nurse and joined at Monowara Hospital (Pvt.) Ltd as emergency nurse. I have worked there about 2 years from 2008 to 2010. From day passing, I have also worked in different medical sector as a senior stuff nurse from 2010 to 2012. Then I have established Nursing Home Service known as Milton Home Care (Pvt.) Ltd and Finaly I have Set up Child and Old Age care.

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Milton Samadder

Founder, Child and Old Age Care

For Emergency Call

+88 02 58050680, +88 01620 555222

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