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Story of Child and Old Age Care

Child & Old Age Care is a Non-Profit Organization that was established by Milton Samadder and his wife Mithu Halder on December 2015. They both are nurse by profession and they have one young son.

The initial steps they took when they were running their own Home Care Nurshing Service business (Milton Home Care Pvt. Ltd.) for Bangladeshi people. During their services to the upscale Bangladeshi elderly and sick people they realized, these people has money but what missing were family support and some time Love. Meanwhile they see elderly people are sleeping on the street (homeless) who are sick, no food, no money and no family. And no body love and care of them. At that point, Milton & His wife realized that they are both nurse and they should start sheltering and giving care to those elderly people who are unfortunate. This was the start of their journey. They start with one then two then three then start growing fast. From their own hardworking money they have been giving care and love to these unfortunate elderly people for FREE OF COST and treat them as their own mom and dad.

With very little personal donation from others and sparing their own earnings from Milton Home Care Pvt. Ltd., they were running this non profit organization with hardship. Currently there are 35 mom and dads are in the center, out of that 10 of them are totally bedridden, 5 of them handicap, and others are sick but moveable. Milton so far served almost 75 unfortunate elderly people where 11 of them already passed away and some of them found family members and went back home to live with families.

Because of minimal income for the center Milton and team are running this charity organization hand to mouth. This organization needs your help to provide little better life to those elderly people who are unfortunate than us. Please extend your generous hand and help them to grow to the next level, so that more unfortunate people can be served free of cost.

For Emergency Call

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