Monthly Expense
S.L Particulars Amount
1 Rent of the house building as per the stipulated proposed project of house & 40 rooms for old aged 200+ persons. 300,000
2 Cooking materials of kitchen and accessories Of kitchens 70,000
3 Furniture, Beds, pillows, cots, and all other furniture of office and kitchen, etc. 50,000
4 Food materials, like Rice, wheat, dal, all necessary food grains, etc. 864,000
5 Daily necessary like Milk, News Paper, Vegetables, etc. 55,000
6 Electrical Items and bills of water and Electricity for the Month approx 180,000
7 Salaries for the staff working as per the proposed project per month and miscellaneous expenses 670,000
8 Other miscellaneous expenses and transportation and maintenance 100,000
9 Hospital Change and regular visits of Doctors and maintenance of medical operations 100,000
10 Medicine 800,000
Total 3,189,000
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