Specific Areas of Needs

1. Foods and clothes: The family of the helpless disabled or abandoned children and the elderly people cannot afford adequate foods for his/her proper nutrition because of poverty. An elderly or disabled child cannot do a job due to physical weakness. They do not get clothing as per their need. Therefore, disabled or abandoned children and elderly people who will be given residential facilities need to give food and clothes free of cost.

2. Health Care Facilities: The poor, disabled or abandoned children and elderly do not get proper health care service and stay untreated or maltreated for many diseases.  Which is crucial for their age. Therefore Regular medical check-up, health care should arrange for the targeted poor and helpless elderly people.

3. Mental, social and spiritual development: The poor, disabled or abandoned children and the elderly are often deprived of proper care, tender love, and participation in social events, spiritual activities. Therefore, these people needs facilities of nursing, recreation and socialization, so that they may relieve from mental illness like depression, loneliness, anxiety, etc.

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