Plans and services

According to the survey conducted by our society in Dhaka, there are many disabled or abandoned children and elderly people suffering from a lack of food, shelter, and clothes. By this survey, our organization has decided to start a new old home and we have decided to serve/help at least some of them.

To Build a new rehabilitation Centre, the main criterion is suitable land in the outskirts of the city which is suitable for an old home in a non-polluted environment which can bring peace of mind and holy atmosphere to the human beings.

Proper housekeeping is a must for an old home and to keep up neatness. And the same will look after by the skilled workers only. The campus would be maintained in such a way such as plantations, green carpet grass, etc, by seeing the environment and atmosphere the mindset would pleasant and thereby forget all the worries and mental agony which is facing until now by them in their past days.

The food which is given to Beneficiary is only cooked at the directions of an authorized dietitian and as such, they can suggest the proper diet to the aged people and the children so that they may not face any sort of health complications due to food.

The prescribed food only be served to disabled or abandoned children and elderly people at our rehabilitation centre.

Maintaining health is very important for the disabled or abandoned children and elderly people, the management has already appointed a doctor to look after the health complexities of the disabled or abandoned children and elderly people of our Centre and to see that they are almost maintaining good health. In any emergency, the doctor will be available immediately.

In regard to the maintenance, and clothing (provided by authorities) for the beneficiary, and for the washing of clothes, we appointed staff for the said purpose. Meditation and yoga rooms are also arranged for elderly people. Experts conducted regular classes for yoga and meditation. For proper rest and sleeping, beds are provided to take rest and sleep.

Mental, social and spiritual support

Daily nursing/care: The caretakers of the Centre has taken constant care of the disabled or abandoned children and elderly people, e.g. regular food intake, adequate sleep, cleanliness, nursing during illness, etc. The Superintendent and Caretakers provide tender love, mental support, and parental care to the beneficiary so that they can enjoy a family environment here.

Organize daily prayer sessions: Daily prayer sessions arranged in the Centre in the morning and evening for spiritual development and peace of mind for elderly persons.

Attendant for religious institutions: The Rehabilitation centre has ensured attendant  for the elderly in Mosques or religious institutions and religious events for their spiritual development and to relieve them of their mental burdens.

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