Story of Child and Old Age Care

My name is Milton Samadder. I am the founder of Child and Old Age Care

Before Starting Child and Old Age Care. I have a Home Health Care that is known as Milton Home Care Pvt. Ltd. I started MHC, in 2013 1st January. Over these years, we have already serviced about 300+ patient around the Dhaka city. I have 30 senior stuff nurses (diploma holder), 25 junior nurse (Certified), 30 experienced maid servant (health). We serve both Male and Female patient as we have both male and female nurses.

MHC is one of that accept all Medicaid patients. Our caring staff are committed to providing high-quality, compassionate care. MHC employs Registered Nurses, Certified Nurse Assistants, Home Health Aides, Medical Health care

Let me start sharing my name with you. My name is Milton Samadder. I am serinor stuff nurse. I was passed from Chandroghona Christan Hospital, Rangamati District as diploma nurse and joined at Monowara Hospital (Pvt.) Ltd as emergency nurse. I worked there about 2 years from 2008 to 2010. From day passing, I also worked in different medical sector as a senior stuff nurse from 2010 to 2012.

Serving people with great care is a noble virtue. Very few people can be entering into that specific place of serving people. While working with the medical persons, such as doctors, my coluge nurse, and others stuff I gained a lot of professional skills and experience of how the medical world works and how we can serve people in better way.

Cost for a patient, critical or normal admitted in a hospital is higher than a average person can imagine. When a patient is admitted in a hospital, the patients should pay the hospital their daily fees, like Cabin rent, bed rent, food, daily transportation etc and the figure of the amount is higher than any other can simply imagine.

I have seen a lot of harassment of patient and their family even from the medical stuffs. And the rate of being harassed is high for the Old aged patients.

From that realization I have come to a point of thought, what if I arrange the same service provided by the hospital at your own place with same care and affection for the patient, this harassment will be minimize or end. So, Then I Started Milton Home Care (Pvt.) Ltd, a company which main goal is to serve people giving them the same service if they were admitted in a hospital.

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