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Child and Old Age Care is a non-government but non-profitable organization that works for the betterment of the disabled, abandoned children, and for elderly people popularly known as senior citizens. Our focus is to cut the sufferings of the disabled or abandoned street children and elderly people who are deprived of family.They are unable to earn because of their weakness .We dreamt for a society abandoned street children will lead a secure life and the elderly people will feel that they are not useless. 

1.    Rehabilitation for the disabled, abandoned children or orphan and elderly people by ensuring their fundamental needs.
2.    Provide free medication and caring of the abandoned children and elderly people
3.    Manage shelter home for the street children.
4.    Set up School and college for street children.
5.  For the recreations of the disabled street children and elderly people to manage a playground.
6.    Standing beside the people in the crisis of natural Disaster.
7.    To distribute warm cloth to the helpless in winter.
8.    Distribution of wheelchairs to people who are disabled or physically handicapped.
9.    To work in co-operations with other organizations.
10.  To arrange the burial of unidentified bodies.

# We always try to respond to any national issues by participating and raising awareness also celebrate national important days.

For Emergency Call

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