Terms of Use

Child and old age care is a charitable institution. You can spread your helping hand through subventing us as your financial ability. There is no restriction or compulsion in helping us.

Your donation as cash will be spend completely for the rehabilitation of helpless elder people and children.

Privacy Policy

Child and old age care is registered to Bangladesh Government. There is no risk of being victim of fraudulent activities.

In case of donation, as your privacy is our main concern so all your information will be completely safe and secure.

Partner Policy

Child and Old Age Care is well known as a charitable and non-profit organization. The organization is a safe haven for countless elderly and sick parents who have been on the streets since 2015. It's the institution to be born Conducted by voluntary donations from founders and countless well-wishers.

The Partner Program is a scheme where the well-wishers voluntarily make a minimum donation each month or year that is spent on the overall welfare of those vulnerable elderly and children.

Refund Policy

As Child and old age care is a charitable organization, there is no possibility of refunding deposited money.

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